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Did you know that many Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year? Well, it’s true. Oral cancer grows in the mouths of many, and it’s best to do everything you can to prevent it from growing in yours. One of the best ways to catch the disease at the early stages of development is with an oral cancer screening. There are many advantages of this treatment, including:

It is easy- Oral cancer screenings aren’t as complicated as they sound. All your dentist needs to do is check your lips, gums, tongue, cheeks, and throat for any signs of oral cancer. The best part about the exam is that is can be performed when you come in for your dental cleaning and checkup.

It can save your life- If you receive an oral cancer screening at each dental checkup, the chances of you catching the disease at the early stages of development increase, which can potentially save your life. The longer the disease has to develop, the harder it is to fight.

It is inexpensive- Oral cancer screenings are free when they are incorporated into your regular exam. The only time you would need to pay additional fees is when the disease is found in your oral cavity and you need further treatment.

If you are interested in checking your mouth for oral cancer signs, our Merrill Ranch Family Dental Center team recommends calling 520-413-9714 and scheduling an appointment. If you come into our office and meet with your dentist, you will know the health and condition of your smile in no time. We are happy to help you in every way we can!