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Being a parent is hard enough without realizing that you also need to take care of your young child’s teeth. However, while most parents overlook this very important aspect of their child’s health, it’s something our team here at Merrill Ranch Family Dental Center in Florence, Arizona, recommend you pay special attention to. Proper oral health can have a huge positive impact on your child’s overall health, and their oral health for the rest of their life.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what we recommend you do in regards to pediatric dentistry.

When to bring them in

A lot of parents aren’t sure when the best time to bring their little kids in for their first dental appointment is. Experts recommend that you bring your children in for their first appointment when their first tooth appears, or on their first birthday – whichever happens to come first.

Why bring them in early?

A lot of parents wonder why it’s recommended to bring children in at such a young age. The benefits include ensuring that baby teeth are healthy (which prevents cavities in them, and cavities in the adult teeth beneath them) and it also helps kids recognize the dentist as a normal, easy part of life. This eliminates kids complaining about dental trips when they’re older.

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