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On occasion, even with the best of preparation, oral accidents can happen. However, being prepared for an oral emergency can often drastically reduce recovery time, and in some cases, save your smile. Listed below are two common oral emergencies that can happen and the steps you should take to ensure optimal recovery:

Object Stuck in Mouth:

– If you have an object that is lodged in your mouth between your teeth, stay calm and do not try to rip it out. If there is bleeding, use gauze to help cover the wound. Never use a sharp object to try to remove the item, but instead try using an interdental tool such as dental floss.

Lost Filling or Dental Crown:

– If you have lost a filling or a dental crown, cover the open wound. Typically, a piece of chewing gum or dental cement can be used to cover a lost filling. If you have lost a dental crown, cover the area with a cotton swab. If possible, use cotton that has clove oil, or apply clove oil to the open area in your mouth.

Always seek out your dentist after an oral emergency. If your oral condition is not serious, please book an oral exam with Dr. Cameron Blyth, DDS and Dr. Joshua Dorris, DMD at our dentist office in Florence, Arizona, by calling us at 520-413-9714. Our team at Merrill Ranch Family Dental Center looks forward to strengthening your smile to its fullest.