In order to treat all areas of your mouth, Dr. Cameron Blyth, DDS and Dr. Joshua Dorris, DMD uses Microlux™ technology. This small, LED light helps point out problem areas that could otherwise be missed. At Merrill Ranch Family Dental Center, we do not want to miss treating any portion of your mouth, and Microlux helps us do that. To learn more about Microlux in Florence, Arizona, and to schedule your appointment with our dentist, please contact our office at 520-413-9714.

Because the mouth has several hard-to-reach places, it is important for your dentist to have a way to see your entire mouth as means of providing accurate diagnoses and treatments. Oftentimes, dentists will use X-rays for such a need, but even X-rays cannot pick up on everything. That’s where the Microlux Transilluminator comes in. In our office, we use Microlux to get a better view inside your mouth.

Microlux is a small, handheld light that our dentist uses to diagnose a variety of dental issues. By using an LED light, our dentist can identify posterior and anterior caries, root fractures, root canal orifices, and other tooth damage. Microlux can also be used to help diagnose and treat periodontal disease, and can assist in oral cancer screenings.

Because of its small size, patients can receive treatment with Microlux without too much discomfort. Our dentist will simply shine the white light into your mouth or against your teeth with a mouth mirror to get a better look at those hard-to-reach places. With this tool, our dentist can find problems faster and help you keep your mouth healthy. For more information about the Microlux Transilluminator, or to set up your appointment with our dentist, please call or visit our office today.