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Dental trauma and untreated cavities can severely damage the internal structures of a tooth. In many of these cases, Dr. Cameron Blyth can treat the tooth with a dental crown. In a few rare cases, where the tooth is severely traumatized, Dr. Cameron Blyth might advocate extracting the tooth to help ease the pain and prevent a serious infection.

Once everything has healed and any infection concerns have passed Dr. Cameron Blyth can restore the tooth with a dental bridge. This is an artificial replica tooth fused into one solid piece of dental work. It has open dental crowns on each end that will eventually be anchored onto abutments formed out of the healthy core of the two closest teeth.

To form the two abutments, Dr. Cameron Blyth will use a drill to remove the tooth enamel layer from each of the neighboring teeth. This will leave behind two dentin pillars that protect the sensitive pulp and nerve endings of the tooth.

Dr. Cameron Blyth will create an impression of the two abutments and the other teeth in the area. Dental lab technicians will use this information to create your dental bridge. Temporary crowns will then be secured over each abutment to protect it, while the dental lab does their work.

When the bridge is ready a member of Dr. Cameron Blyth’s staff will call you to schedule a second appointment. Dr. Cameron Blyth will remove the temporary crowns and cement your dental bridge in place with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in the Florence, Arizona, area and you have a severely compromised tooth, you should call 520-413-9714 to have it treated at Merrill Ranch Family Dental Center.